Category: Mortgage Rates

Variable Rates, Call or Fold?

Borrowers’ confidence in variable/adjustable-rate mortgages will be a conversation they’ll likely have with their broker, as the Bank of Canada’s overnight target rate begins its climb upwards, maybe as early as this week.

Average resale hits all-time high in Canada

Home prices in Canada increased past 25% in November compared to November 2020. The record year-over-year high results from low supply and continuing low-interest rates.

Omicron Throws Rate Hike Forecasts into Question

While markets are expecting the first Bank of Canada rate increase in early 2022, some financial experts think the unpredictability of the brand-new Omicron Covid-19 variant might delay early hikes. 

OSFI: Credit Risk Has Risen But Only Slightly

Today, the company’s head charged with managing Canada’s federally controlled lending institutions stated that the threat to mortgage credit has increased “just decently.”