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Thank you for choosing East Coast Mortgage Brokers - Clark Mortgages. Here you will find resources and useful tools to guide you through the mortgage process. While each mortgage is unique, there are some overlaying similarities. 

If at anypoint you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Mortgage Timeline

Mortgage Timelines may vary based on the mortgage purpose
(ie. Purchasing, Renewing, Refinancing)


Step 1
Online Application

A quick and easy online application to start the process.

Step 2

A tailored checklist of all the required documents needed to secure mortgage financing.

Step 3
Pre-Approval (Purchasing)

Your Mortgage Pre-Approval is secured. This establishes your maximum purchase price, helps you budget and protects your interest rate while you house hunt.

Step 4
Purchase Agreement (Purchasing)

Once a purchase agreement has been accepted and signed, the mortgage is submitted for the final review.


Step 5
Final Approval

The mortgage and property is reviewed by the lender and insurer for the final approval. When approved, a commitment is issued.

Step 6
Condition of Financing (Purchasing)

The financing condition as part of the purchase agreement. 

Step 7
Mortgage Commitment Signing

An appointment to review the terms, conditions and to sign the mortgage.

Step 8
Outstanding Items

Submit any remaining documents and/or satisfy any remaining conditions in preparation for closing. 


Step 9
Mortgage Instructions

The lawyer or title officer receives the mortgage instructions and facilitates closing the process.

Step 10
Closing Appointment

With a lawyer, this takes place at their office. This is also when the down payment is due. 

With a title officer, this would take place in your home.

Step 11

The date the mortgage funds are advanced. Also referred to as the closing date or the date in which you would take occupancy.