Mortgage Payment Frequency

Pay your mortgage on your schedule. Easily customize the frequency and date when your mortgage payments are drawn to fit your needs. It's your mortgage; make it work for you.


A non-accelerated payment frequency is a standard payment frequency. No additional payments are being made other than the mortgage's principal and interest payment being made at the chosen frequency option.


An accelerated payment frequency has the same number of payments per period as a non-accelerated frequency, but the payment amount is slightly higher. The additional amount is applied to the mortgage's principal balance. These additional  'micro' payments add up over time, shortening the mortgage's amortization and the amount of interest paid, saving you money.

Frequency Recurrence PMT Calculation PMTs / Year Amortization
Monthly Once / month 12 pmts 12 25y
Semi-Monthly Twice / month Monthly pmts / 2 24 24y 10m
Bi-Weekly Every 14 days (Monthly pmt x 12) / 26 26 21y 7m
Bi-Weekly Accelerated Every 14 days Monthly pmt / 2 26 24r 10m
Weekly Every 7 days (Monthly pmt x 12) / 52 52 21y 7m
Weekly Accelerated Every 7 days Monthly pmt / 4 52 21y 7m

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