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If you are looking to take equity out of your home for a large project, lower your interest rate or consolidate debts to save on interest, refinancing could be the right option. As a mortgage broker, I will assess your mortgage needs to determine the best product for you. Just look at some of the various mortgages we have available.

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Refinance your mortgage to...

Accessing your homes equity is a smart way to borrow. A new negotiated mortgage replaces your existing mortgage with additional funds being added to consolidate debt or fund other large projects. This creates a single payment and takes advantage of your low mortgage rate.

Debt Consolidation

Use equity to pay out high interest loans, credit cards and lines of credit.

Home Renovations

Accessing your homes equity for improvements or repairs.

Home Purchase

Use equity to purchase a second home or rental property.


Cover major expenses like tuition or other expenses.


Have your money grow in an investment opportunity.

Large Purchase

Use the equity in your home rather than financing a vehicle.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Up to

1 %

of your homes appraised value

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What They Say

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"We dealt with Ian Clark and he was excellent, responded quickly and was very knowledgeable. Made the whole experience very easy and comfortable. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking a mortgage broker"
Josh Barnes
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"Ian was knowledgeable and very helpful, would highly recommend :)"
Meghan Anderson
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"I contacted Ian with a quick question about the RRSP HBP and he broke down the details of the program and walked me through the mortgage approval process. Very helpful!"
John Ennis